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“Today, children, we’re going to go through the arched window to see how AluFoldDirect is making shaped aluminium windows,” Aluminium Shapes Playschool presenters, Al and Lu said.

“Using innovative bending machine technology, the clever workers at AluFoldDirect shape lengths of aluminium into arches and circles. For the triangles, straight pieces of aluminium are fixed together by workers called fabricators.

“The shaped windows can then be fitted with glass and delivered to the house where they will be installed.

“Some window fitters like to buy the glass themselves but other fitters like to have the windows delivered with the glass ready to fit. AluFoldDirect delivers windows installers, with or without glass, just two weeks after ordering.

“Making shaped windows is a very special process and AluFoldDirect have spent a lot of money on the clever machine that does the bending.

“So, children, to find out more about shaped aluminium windows, why don’t you look through the arched window in our new video?”

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