Alunet clip-in bead highly recommended

Manchester based fabricator, 23 Doors, has received ‘overwhelmingly positive’ feedback from its installer customers after introducing Alunet Systems’ new, pre-gasketed, clip-in bead design.

Designed for Alunet’s BF73 system, it means fitters can save on time during installation, with 23 Doors’ customers reporting notable improvements in ease of use and a significant reduction in installation time per pane.

In an effort to further empower their installers, 23 Doors has created a comprehensive guide and instructional video for the clip-in bead design, now accompanying every bi-fold door via a QR code.

Peter Colclough, co-founder of 23 Doors, commented: “I would recommend the new clip-in bead design to any manufacturer and installer. The service and support from Alunet have been as wonderful as always, and now that we have the new bead we can remain competitive across the industry and continue providing our loyal customers the best products and services possible.”

Steve Kendrick, managing director of Alunet Systems, said: “23 Doors has always been a really valued customer of ours, and we understand that as sole supplier, they deserve the best from us. I’m really happy with how they have received the clip-in bead design, because their response is why we developed it. Alunet Systems is all about innovation and excellence, and this feedback from 23 Doors has demonstrated that we’re continuing to achieve our aims.”