Advanced aluminium automation

FOM has unveiled its new FMC 470 CNC machining centre, which brings new levels of flexibility and efficiency to aluminium processing through a highly automated process and rapid machining.

“Launched earlier this year, the new FMC 470 (7m) and 440 (4m) platforms employ cutting edge innovation in programming and automated tooling change to deliver rapid and high volume aluminium CNC machining,” the company said.

This includes the capacity to machine profile of up to 230mm x 250mm and, with a 7Kw liquid cooled electrospindle delivering a maximum rotation of 20,000 RPM, steel at thickness of up to 2mm thick.

“The FOM FMC70 is simply an aluminium CNC on steroids,” Paul Yeo, sales manager for Promac Group, said. “It’s geared in all aspects of its DNA to high volume, complex and exceptionally high-precision, processing of aluminium.

“You get very impressive machining depth ideally suited to large scale applications, for example curtain walling, and features advanced parametric programming, which allows you to drill and rout any geometrical shape.

“You simply load it, choose your programme, and it takes care of absolutely everything else.”

The machining head supports working of the profile on four axes: three sides plus the two ends. With an automatic bar length machining device, it automatically detects the length of the profile and optimises positioning, automatically clamping it.

It also features two automatic and one fixed pneumatically controlled bar positioning stops, with an optional fourth, to support simultaneous working of up to four bar lengths.

In addition to 7Kw torque, which remains constant regardless of machining tools being used or RPM they are run at, the FOM FMC 470 features an eight-tool fixed tool magazine and nine-tool magazine on the CNC head.

The FOM FMC 470 also features the machinery manufacturer’s patented X Flow lubrication system, which automatically directs the orientation of lubrication nozzles according to the tool being used.

“X Flow is a minimal lubrication loss (MLL) system, which means you’re not flood lubricating tooling, increasing efficiency,” Paul said.

The patented base has been designed to optimise collection of chips and waste, while ergonomically designed protective casing guarantees visibility during machining, while a push button strip and user-friendly console, simplify operation.

“The FMC 470 is a very advanced aluminium CNC with the potential to complete very complicated tasks at volume, requiring minimum input from the operative,” Paul said.

“If you look at the market for aluminium, you don’t just need to be manufacturing curtain walling to need capacity to manufacture at larger scale.

“The FOM FMC 470 gives you capacity to process bar length for the most complex designs in aluminium and at incredible speed.”