A new palette for creative potential

AGC has added nine new glossy colours to its Lacobel painted glass range, and five new colours to Matelac, its matt alter ego, in bid to cover the colour spectrum and meet every need, the company has announced.

Lacobel is now available in 24 colours and Matelac in 15 colours. These two ranges also share 10 common colours.

“Now more than ever before, painted glass inspires freedom and creativity in interior decoration,” AGC said. “The new colours in the Lacobel and Matelac ranges were developed at the AGC Deco Academy, our European workshop that brought together for the first time AGC professionals and experts from the world of decoration. The result: a palette of trendy colours – both glossy and matt – unique to AGC, along with four exclusive and inspiring lifestyle themes.”

AGC has also launched four lifestyle themes, each of which interprets different combinations of colours and the materials that go best with them.

“We are making our expertise in glass and colour available to architects, designers and furniture manufacturers by providing them lifestyle themes that can inspire their customers,” the company said.

Minimalist. Blue Ice, White Traffic, White Extrasoft. Contemporary, subtle tones that blend seamlessly with stone and ceramic to create a feeling of space, calm and purity.

Natural. Pink Nude, Green Safari, White Pearl. Earthy, natural colours combined with natural wood or cork for a warm, harmonious environment.

Traditional. Blue Vintage, Green Artichoke and AGC’s exclusive silver colours. Rich, classic colours and refined accents that can be enhanced with noble materials such as dark woods and marble for a fusion of modernity, intimacy and elegance.

Vibrant. Yellow Yuzu, Orange Tangerine, Green Teal. Intense, luminous tones that pop when matched with coloured resin or concrete, delivering total originality.

MyColour by Lacobel/Matelac is an exclusive AGC service specifically for architects and decoration professionals, who can use it to create a custom colour that matches their design.