A door to pop culture

Apeer Composite Doors has launched six more ‘pop culture’ lifestyle videos to take advantage of increased viewing figures during the lockdown.

The videos cover the company’s all new online Doorbuilder, plus others promoting various aspects of the weather and comfort performance; sustainability; colour choice and matching; and security performance. These add to the original range-specific Silka video launched in March that focused on the product’s smooth, ali-matching skin, with the series now being viewed on channels such as Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

Apeer’s MD Asa McGillian said: “The Silka video was designed to lift the traditional main entrance door into the realms of being a lifestyle purchase, to create the mindset of choosing home furnishings rather than improvements.

“And whilse the Silka video is more extreme than the rest of the series, wanting to drive home how radical the style is compared to conventional doors, the rest of the series is gentler, more family orientated. We have a superb production team; our videos use great photography and editing and music that suits the young, family demographic that we have in mind.”

Apeer is tapping into the growth in video as a promotional tool. Even before the lockdown research showed that video produced 66% more qualified sales leads per year, while increasing purchases by 144%. Among consumers, 62% of people polled said they were more interested in a product after seeing it in a Facebook story.

“When we wrote our marketing plans for 2020 through 2021, we anticipated what should be a modest increase of 25% in the sales leads that we send to our Apeer retail dealers,” Asa said. “But we also want to break new ground with our campaign, to plant ideas in homeowners’ heads that didn’t exist previously, not least to trigger buying instincts for their resi doors as items of furniture, more than home improvements. And then we want them to buy an Apeer door of course.”

The videos are part of a thorough overhaul of Apeer marketing that includes digital and hard copy literature as well as a new website.

“We’ve released the videos to take advantage of the continuing increase in social media engagement during the lockdown,” Asa said. “And we are receiving significant numbers of enquiries that of course we are banking, in anticipation of a relaxation in restrictions, during the coming weeks.”