Workplace safety awareness

Bohle has held its first Glass Safety Day, aimed at driving improved standards of health and safety plus employee wellbeing.

Coinciding with World Mental Health Day, mental well-being at work – and its potential pitfalls for employers – was explored by a series of expert speakers drawn from the fields of HR, employment law and training.

The event was opened by John Bradshaw, from training provider MRG Services, who discussed the impact that generational divisions were having in the workplace as workers stayed in post longer. He said that this meant that by 2024, 25% of the workforce would be aged 55 or over, while for the first time ever, the labour market will include five different generations, creating significant challenges in communication, retention and well-being. This will include millennials (who would make up 75% of workforce by 2020), who had very different expectations of the workplace from previous generations.

Suppling an extensive range of PPE and manual handling equipment, the Bohle Glass Safety Day also included profiles of Tornado’s new range of specialist hand protection for the glass industry and Veribor, Bohle’s range of suction lifters.

Closing the event Dave Broxton, managing director of Bohle, said: “There are clearly risks associated with handling glass and in manual handling. Those risks can, however, be managed effectively through the use of the right tools and most importantly the right organisational culture.”