Talking security

As National Home Security Month approaches, Hurst Plastics is urging installers to seize talk to homeowners about door security.
Now in its fifth year, National Home Security Month runs throughout the whole of October and aims to increase awareness about the importance of home security in protecting people and their belongings.
Mark Atkinson, sales director at Hurst Plastics, said: “With more than 75% of intruders gaining entry into a property through the front door, security must start there. The quality of every component in a door and how it performs is crucial so installers must engage with homeowners and prompt them to think about their front door as an all-important first line of defence.
“And given that October, November and December are traditionally the peak months for domestic burglaries in the UK, there is no better time to bring security to the forefront of everyone’s minds.”
Composite doors are now the most popular entrance door in the UK, accounting for 50% of the domestic market. Hurst Plastics is offering support to installers to help them provide homeowners with the correct information on how to ensure their door security meets the required standards.