Tailored services

Two specialist services from GQA Qualifications provide training tailored to the specific needs of employers and their staff.

The ‘Accredited Training’ and ‘Bespoke Qualification’ services allow employers to create and accredit in-house developed training courses and learning programmes in addition to using existing qualifications.

GQA’s Accredited Training service is designed for employers who want to have their in-house training endorsed by GQA Qualifications, and gives them the opportunity to deliver training that focuses on candidates’ particular needs.

GQA’s EQA/technical officer Martin Sadler said: “The GQA-branded certificate we offer is an important tool, and highlights the third-party endorsement we bring. We can also help to develop specific courses in the consultation phase of our collaboration.”

The Bespoke Qualification service is designed to provide employees a qualification for the work they do, where one does not already exist.

“It is disappointing when people in specific, specialist job functions are not able to develop their careers by working towards achieving a qualification because a relevant regulated option is not available,” Martin said. “This is where our Bespoke Qualification service can help. Developing a qualification tailored specifically to them, which carries the approval of GQA, means that employees can fully prove their competency, and employers can put into place for them a career progression route. Once developed, the qualification is exclusive to the employers concerned.”

Both services are proving popular, Martin said, and they demonstrate the need for a flexible approach to training.

“The fenestration industry, just like any other, needs training solutions tailored to its specific needs,” Martin said.