Size does matter

Haffner has confirmed that its stand at this year’s FIT Show will be the biggest in the event’s history at 610m2.

Dave Thomas, managing director of Haffner, said: “Our space at the FIT Show will be a must-visit for any fabricator. It will be the first ever fully seamless machinery stand in the UK because it will showcase our complete Graf Synergy range, as well as machinery from our Haffner and FOM ranges.”

Haffner is the exclusive UK supply partner of Graf Synergy and its FIT Show stand will showcase machines capable of welding seamless corners, transoms, reverse butts, cruciforms and cills, demonstrating how far machinery innovation has come.

In addition to the Graf Synergy range, Haffner says it will also be showcasing the largest and most comprehensive machine portfolio in the industry.

It is the sole UK agent of Haffner Machinery, which designs innovative and high-quality engineered products at competitive industry prices. It also supplies a range of aluminium fabrication machines from FOM Industries, a company that holds an international reputation for quality machinery that combines the latest technology with skilled engineering and competitive prices.

Dave concluded: “This year’s FIT Show is probably the most eagerly anticipated ever because it marks the return of face-to-face exhibitions. We look forward to welcoming customers old and new to our stand and show them exactly how Haffner can help them take their manufacturing to the next level.”