Showroom psychology

There are four types of personality that trade partners most often adopt when dealing with customers, according to a new whitepaper that aims to give the window and door industry an insight into the psychology of the showroom.

The negotiator, the free spirit, the perfectionist and the diplomat have been identified in The DNA of the Showroom, published by Origin, alongside sales psychologist Bryan McCrae.

The whitepaper aims to help door and window showrooms boost their profits by giving them a better understanding of their own sales styles, strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to interact with different customers.

“We’ve all come across people that we easily ‘click’ with and others that take a little more time to warm to,” Bryan said. “It’s the same when selling.

“By applying a specific model involving different personality types to the showroom, as other industries have with great success, we aim to give salespeople a few tips that will help them better engage with customers and ultimately increase sales.”

Ben Brocklesby, sales and marketing director at Origin, said: “We have found that showroom retail staff are likely to be one of four personality types, with a set of characteristics that, when identified, improve the flow of conversations with customers and, in turn, drive sales.

“By being aware of their salesperson personality, our trade partners will have more control over how they engage with customers. Working with one of the country’s leading sales psychologists, our aim is to help our partners build relationships, improve sales and grow their businesses.”

The negotiator is an assertive, confident salesperson who takes control from the outset and will often lead the conversation with customers.

The free spirit is driven by innovation and ideas, is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, but often expects the customer to distinctively to make the ultimate decision.

The perfectionist is methodical and organised, with a love of simplicity and perfection. This salesperson works hard to ensure that his bifold doors and windows are fingerprint and smear free.

The diplomat will avoid any conflict at all cost. Diplomatic, thoughtful and amiable, this salesperson aims to please by making consensus decisions.

Customer types and how to identify them are also included in the report – the bold buyer, the spontaneous shopper, the measured mind maker and the calm customer. Finally, the report provides insights on how to use this information when talking to customers, to build better relationships and improve sales.

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