Product, engineering and design

The Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern has been awarded the Charles Godfrey Memorial Award for Innovation, which is given every year to a product that has brought significant innovation to the building industry.

Roger Bisby, who tested the Korniche earlier in the year, said: “The first thing I saw was the packaging. Every builder knows the frustration of having items arrive on site with damage. It slows the job down and causes hassle for the manufacturer, and the customer. Often there is a knock-on effect because other trades are unable to get on. With the Korniche Roof Lantern, everything arrived in perfect condition.

“The next thing is the instruction booklet, which deserves an award on its own. A huge amount of thought and design has gone into this. Every stage is clearly shown with intelligent use of colours to show you the relevant components.

“Then there is the engineering. It all fits perfectly, and when I say fits, I mean no gaps or misalignment, and no need for packers, shims or sealant.

“The whole installation process went like a dream and I said at the time that I couldn’t wait until I had the chance to fit another. It didn’t take long. Without the slightest rush I fitted three on a roof in less than a morning and each one was perfect. More importantly, the customer was delighted.”

Bradley Gaunt, Made For Trade’s managing director, said: “We have been entered for many fenestration awards over the last couple of years and, from my point of view in this industry, we often see these awards as the usual suspects congratulating one another on their endeavours – in many cases winning could easily be based on the strength of a PR budget.

“So, I’m over the moon with this independent award and Roger’s comments as it puts the product, engineering and design centre stage and applauds the advantages these efforts deliver above its competitors.

“In 2019 Made for Trade continue the innovation delivered in the Korniche Lantern with a new product launch at the FIT Show, which we are all very excited about.”