Primed and ready

Apeer is gearing up for the FIT Show with plans to showcase new additions to the Lumi range, alongside the latest offering from the Apeer composite door range.

“The last show had such a positive impact that we were never in any doubt about returning again for 2017,” Linda Tomb, marketing manager, said. “Since the successful launch of Lumi we’ve continued looking at ways to further develop our products and expand the range in response to the feedback we received.

“It became clear that customers see Lumi as a great choice for new build applications but we really want to raise its profile as an equally suitable product for refurbishment projects. Apeer plan to drive that message forward at the upcoming show as well as unveiling our exciting new products.”

At the forefront of these developments are a striking new Lumi door as well as two new versions of the Lumi French door.

The three-pane triple track Lumi Lift and Slide door will also take a prime spot on the stand as it is offered up to Apeer trade customers, both old and new.

Six Apeer composite doors have been supplied for the door category of the Master Fitter Challenge, which the company is also sponsoring.