Pod pays its way

A display Pod showcasing Apeer’s Lumi window and door system landed its first major order within a few weeks of going into a showroom but, according to the owners, the sale was just one of the benefits it was bringing.

Elizabeth Brighouse, of retail installer Trade Windows Derby, said: “It immediately became the conversation piece of the whole showroom – lots of people just look at it and say ‘wow’. People come in saying they’ve seen our adverts in local magazines, then they see it for themselves in the Pod, so they work very well together.”

Apeer’s Neil Delanty said installer partners all around the UK are discovering the benefits of the company’s marketing support for the Lumi system, as well as its composite doors and other products.

“When people see them, they want them, so if we help the retailers to show them in their best light, everyone benefits all down the line,” he said.