New operating code launched

Corgi Fenestration has produced a Covid-19 Operating Code for installers of replacement windows and doors in domestic properties, and a corresponding Consumer Guide for homeowners.

They are free and available to all as downloadable documents on the Corgi Fenestration website.

They cover the measures that should to be taken by installers to protect themselves and their customers while working, and homeowners’ responsibilities to minimise risks to workers who operate within their properties.

“We have written our Covid-19 Operating Code and Consumer Guide in preparation for the relaxing of lockdown restrictions by the government and after consultation with the industry,” Jacqui Crawford, Corgi Fenestration chief operating officer, said.

“Hopefully these will allow operatives to work in homes on non-essential installations using common sense measures to social distance wherever possible and use practical hygiene procedures to minimise risks of cross contamination.”

The code and guide have taken current government-approved methodologies from other sectors and inserted them into real installer work practices, procedures and situations.

The Corgi Fenestration Covid-19 Operating Code covers everything from the quotation and sales process (no face-to-face interaction) to safe surveying and installation, to job sign off.

The Consumer Guide tells the homeowner what they can expect from an installer following the Code and what their responsibilities are too (ranging from advising the installation company if they or any of the household have Covid-19 symptoms to wiping down frames and work areas).

“Information already provided about working practices has been limited to generic construction sector guidelines,” Jacqui said. “We don’t think they go far enough and have therefore created our own very specific code for installers entering inhabited domestic properties.

“As this crisis and resultant restrictions look as if they will be with us for some time our industry needs to face up to the new realities and operate accordingly.”