New flat glass washing company

Yalos Bavelloni is a new company specialising in the design and manufacture of high-end machinery for flat glass washing.

Yalos Bavelloni, the majority of which belongs to Bavelloni, was created in partnership with Claudio Cigoli and Paolo Pezzoli to develop the widest range of solutions for flat glass washing and drying.

The company’s product range includes both standard models, such as horizontal and vertical washing machines, available in all sizes and configurations as well as customised products and special applications.

Managing Director Danilo Cigoli will lead Yalos Bavelloni with the aim of developing the company internationally using the synergies with Bavelloni and its sales network.

“Danilo Cigoli and Yalos Bavelloni shareholders have an extensive know-how and experience in flat glass processing and in particular in the washing and drying processes; their skills integrate in a complementary way into the organisation of Bavelloni,” the company said.