New fire safety glass CPD

Pyroguard has introduced its latest Riba-approved CPD for the fire safety sector: ‘Fire safety glazing – a system not a product.’

Aimed at architects and specifiers, Pyroguard’s new CPD has been developed to help raise awareness of the role of and types of fire safety glass available, while educating the industry on the various factors to consider when specifying a suitable fire safety glass system.

The CPD provides information on the three different classifications (E, EW and EI), with real fire test videos to demonstrate these varying performance levels. It also provides an overview of the current testing standards, the different framing systems, and discusses how the multi-functionality of fire safety glass can facilitate innovations in architectural design, with reference to recent project examples.

Andy Lake, Pyroguard sales director, said: “There still remains some confusion within the industry about how fire safety glass works, the classifications and applications and its use within a building. Our CPD serves to both educate and raise awareness, providing architects and specifiers with the knowledge needed to confidently specify a fire-rated glazed system on their next project.”