New Corgi member

Edgetech has become the first glazing components manufacturer to become Corgi Fenestration registered.

Chris Mayne, CEO of Corgi Fenestration, said: “We were overwhelmed by the level of interest at FIT, and my colleagues and myself now have literally hundreds of leads to follow up – system houses, fabricators, manufacturers and installers.

“We are delighted to welcome Edgetech into the Corgi Fenestration family. The company’s ethos reflects our own: trust, reliability, expertise and quality. We look forward to working with them over the long haul and to helping them realise the outstanding benefits associated with the Corgi Fenestration name.”

Chris Alderson, Edgetech’s UK managing director, said: “We were intrigued when we heard about the new Corgi Fenestration scheme and the more we found out about it the more we could see the value of being involved. Spacer is a small part of a unit, but a crucial one to get right for the end consumer, so it’s definitely a step forward that the Corgi Fenestration scheme is taking into account all contributors in the supply chain.”

He added: “Our Corgi seal of approval gives us and our customers the assurance that our product and business processes are first-class and we’ll be wearing that badge of honour with pride.”