New aluminium group

The GGF has formed a new aluminium group for companies operating in the aluminium sector, after the federation’s technical team identified a gap in the group infrastructure.

David Borland, GGF’s senior technical officer, said: “Part of the responsibilities of the technical department is to continually review the service we provide to members and most importantly recognise gaps in that service. It is during these reviews and discussions it became clear that the one part of the industry which needed additional GGF technical support was the aluminium sector.”

In 2021, the GGF saw new members join the federation with a specific interest in the aluminium sector. In the last few years, the industry has witnessed a revival of aluminium in the home improvement sector with products such as bifolding doors and secondary glazing, which is becoming a popular solution for heritage buildings and homeowners in conservation areas.

AluFold Direct has already given its backing to the new group.

Managing director Russell Yates said: “This is arguably the most exciting time in aluminium for decades. Retail and commercial demand are at record levels and new products and systems are being developed all the time. If we’re really going to make the most of the opportunities which lie ahead, however, I think we need to work together as a sector and make aluminium an even easier choice for both installers and homeowners.

“For AluFold Direct, joining the GGF is an important part of our plan. We can have input into the training programmes and technical information provided by the GGF so that they absolutely align with how the market is moving and we can ensure that, via the GGF’s lobbying activities, aluminium has a louder voice on the national stage.”

Of the 500+ members of the GGF, around 160 are involved in aluminium, and more than 30 of these are fabricators.