New 11-strong vehicle fleet

Dekko Window Systems has invested in a new fleet of 11 commercial vehicles: three 18-tonne lorries; five 7.5-tonne trucks; and three 3.5-tonne Luton vans.

The move is designed to improve Dekko’s logistical capabilities, allowing them to meet the supply demands of their nationwide network of trade partners.

Kurt Greatrex, sales director at Dekko, said: “We can make all the manufacturing upgrades we want, but without effective investment in our operation, it will all be in vain. We are therefore delighted to introduce our brand-new fleet of Dekko branded commercial vehicles.

“Whether it’s Räum to Runcorn, Residence to Reading or Infinity to Inverness, we want to do everything we can to meet the needs of our customers. As more and more businesses see the value we can offer, both in terms of premium products and unrivalled support, our brand-new fleet will prove incredibly important.

“Our branded vehicles have made a great addition to our operation and have even helped generate a number of enquiries and sales.”

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