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The Residence Collection has developed a number of product system overviews for R2, R7, R9 and RD.

These overviews are being sent out several days apart to a wide number of e-mail addresses across the industry, as The Residence Collection supports installers as they start to look at getting back to installation projects.

‘Inspirational’ photography appears in each overview, which includes links to all relevant brochures and the key features and benefits of each respective system, including the latest engineered doors platform of RD.

There’s also a heavy social media influence across the mailings, with a list of hashtags and a few suggestions for local activity and each one can be saved as a PDF for future reference.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director, said: “With downtime we all find ourselves with opportunities to assess what we do in our business lives, what we sell, and how we do it. Gentle reminders from us is our way to help inspire our business partners, as we look to go back to manufacturing and installation.

“People remember those business that continue to invest and inspire, not those that bury their heads during periods of conflict, or what has faced us as an unprecedented global pandemic. While we do cautiously welcome the opportunity to return to work, our thoughts still go out to those that have been affected.”

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