Keeping standards high

First launched in 2007 by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and now run and managed by the Ladder Association, the annual Ladder Exchange promotes safety by encouraging users of old or broken ladders to trade them in for new ones, at a discount, at member companies across the UK.

The 2016 campaign, which ended on 31 December, was no exception, with ladders and stepladders successfully exchanged by owners and users determined to reduce the risk of a fall because of faulty equipment.

“One of the most effective safety campaigns ever to be introduced in the work at height sector, the Ladder Exchange works on so many levels,” Ladder Association chairman Martin Brooke said.

“First, it focuses attention on an indispensable piece of workplace equipment that is generally taken for granted and often overlooked when it comes to routine inspection and maintenance.

“Second, it prompts ladder users to check and examine their stock for damage and wear and tear as required by the Work at Height Regulations.

“Third, it provides a financial incentive to replace these faulty ladders with new ones, and, at the same time, removes them permanently from the workplace.

“Fourth, and most importantly, it reduces the risk of someone falling from a ladder because it’s unsafe and potentially dangerous.”

Running alongside the Ladder Exchange, the Ladder Association has  announced the winner of its ‘Ladder Losers’ competition. The winning submission (pictured) by former Ladder Council member John Bungay displays incredibly dangerous ladder use.

Marketing and communications officer Gary Chudleigh said: “This year’s winning entry, as in previous years, only serves to reinforce the need for continuous education and training in the work at height sector.”