Half of product suppliers view Brexit negatively

Almost half of building and home improvement suppliers believe Brexit would be either bad or very bad for the UK, according to recent research.

As part of a larger survey which included merchants and other construction industry stakeholders, MRA Research asked building and home improvement product suppliers what they thought the impact of Brexit would be on the UK, the building industry and the company they worked for.

While 49% thought Brexit would be either bad or very bad, 27% thought the effect on the UK would be good or very good. Nearly one in five (18%) thought it would have no impact.

Reviewing the potential impact on the building industry, 18% of suppliers surveyed said Brexit would be good or very good for the building industry, compared to 45% who thought it would be bad or very bad. Twenty-eight percent thought it wouldn’t make much difference either way.

MRA Research’s Mike Rigby said: “Although 49% of suppliers expect their company to be worse off in the short term because of a dip in confidence due to Brexit-related uncertainty, and despite concerns around the supply chain and international trade, most suppliers have made contingency plans, feel well prepared for any negative effects Brexit might bring, and have a positive outlook in the longer term.”