Glazpartnership confirmed

David Thornton (left) pictured with Fay Bibi and Dean Bradley from Glazpart
David Thornton (left) pictured with Fay Bibi and Dean Bradley from Glazpart

The Window Company (Contracts) is now a ‘Glazpartner’ – in recognition of the fact that Glazpart is now the commercial installer’s preferred supplier of trickle vents.

The ‘Glazpartnership’ was confirmed at the recent FIT Show with a The Window Company (Contracts) branded Portico door and a U70 window featuring on the Glazpart stand – both fitted with trickle vents from the Link Vent range.

David Thornton, chair of The Window Company (Contracts), commented: “Even before the updates to Part F last year, we were already using Glazpart trickle vents on virtually all the windows we fitted in both new build projects and our long-standing social housing replacement contracts.

“We’ve now standardised on the new Link Vent products for all our windows because this is the one that has been best received by residents who, in our experience, almost always appreciate the benefits of the passive ventilation they provide. Despite the rumblings in some part of the industry that householders would resist trickle vents, we have only ever had positive feedback.

“In social housing applications in particular, trickle vents represent probably the simplest and lowest cost way to increase ventilation and reduce the risks associated with damp and condensation. By demonstrating how easily you can fit a vent into a door as well as a window, we wanted to show that you can extend those benefits into hallways and shared spaces.”

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