Glass investment

Cornwall Glass Manufacturing has committed to more than triple the size of its Highbridge IGU and glass processing operation as part of a £6 million investment programme.

To be delivered over three years, the investment programme will give Cornwall Glass Manufacturing’s Highbridge IGU lines new capacity to handle jumbos as well as manufacturing over-sized units.

It will also house a new heat soak oven and autoclave, reflecting increased demand for heat-soaked products from the commercial sector, as well as laminated and specialist products, creating up to 30 new jobs.

“We are at the start of what is a three year investment programme,” Mark Mitchell, chairman of the Cornwall Group, said. “What Highbridge will give us at the end of that journey is one of the UK’s most advanced manufacturing facilities with the ability to handle and process almost any product, from over-sized IGUs, through to walk-on insulated glass units, nonslip glass floors, staircases, and other specialist processed glass products.”

The investment takes the site from 15,000ft2 to 55,000 ft2, and gives the company new reach along the M4 corridor and the southern half of the UK.