GDPR ready

Leads2Trade has stressed the need for collaboration and communication between companies, their members, and their clients following the introduction of GDPR.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a set of new laws due to be implemented uniformly across the EU on May 25, 2018. These new regulations demand best practice in the use of both B2B and B2C data.

Like many other businesses all over the UK, for the past few months the Stockport-based company has been busy updating its processes to comply with GDPR. As part of its journey to compliance, Leads2Trade has been sharing its progress with members in a series of infographics as well as instructing a team of legal and data experts to work alongside them.

Leads2Trade’s managing director Andy Royle, said: “As a business that holds and relies on a great deal of personal data we have been working hard to ensure our own compliance with these new data protection laws. We have made sure that every one of our contracts is up to date. We have also adapted our policies, processes and forms, and all our staff have undertaken a course to improve their understanding of the new legislation. By sharing details of our compliance, we hope to reassure members that, in working with Leads2Trade, they have a GDPR-complaint lead supplier. However, we also recognise that many of our clients are facing similar challenges in the run-up to May and so we have also taken this opportunity to share some advice.”

In their infographics, Leads2Trade provides business owners and tradespeople with guidance on how to keep up with and prepare themselves for the EU’s changes.

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