From the factory to the home

Freefoam has launched a new short video to showcase its supply chain and the support it gives to all within it.

Manufacturers, like Freefoam, that supply trade customers can seem distant and remote from their end users. Freefoam wanted to dispel this myth and shine a light on the whole supply chain that is dedicated to delivering choice from factory to homeowner.

From the mixing plant, where raw materials are blended and stored, to the production plant featuring ‘state-of-the-art’ extrusion facilities, through to new warehouse provision where all products are stored and despatched, the video illustrates the full extent of the Freefoam plant.

Customer service is at the heart of Freefoam, the company said. Supplying to a range of independent stockists and multi-branch merchants throughout the UK from Aberdeen to St Austell, the film shows one of these deliveries taking place, to ensure customer’s shelves are kept fully stocked.

“Customer focus is part of the whole chain, with many Freefoam suppliers offering a delivery service to builders, housing developers and home improvement companies out on site,” the company said. “Fitters can be confident that the products will be with them when and where they need them.”

With Freefoam registered installers throughout the UK the final link in the chain is at a homeowner’s property.

“Once on site, with the distinctive green film and Freefoam branding visible on fascia and soffit products, homeowners can feel reassured in the knowledge that high quality, long lasting, low maintenance products are being fitted to their home,” the company said. “White products come with a market leading 50-year guarantee, so choosing Freefoam delivers good long term value for homeowners.”

Louise Sanderson, marketing manager, said: “Using video allows us to take you on a journey from where the products are made, through to supply and fit. Freefoam products are a core part of many successful local businesses around the UK, from stockist to installers, and we’re committed to supporting this supply chain and keeping the needs of the homeowner at the heart of our business.”