Females to the fore

Universal Arches, is putting its females to the fore when it comes to customer service, sales support, and FIT Show planning.

Kayleigh Pritchard and Caitlin Whalley have come straight from college with Kayleigh now in her ninth year and Caitlin in her third with the specialist frame manufacturer.

There’s been an underlying shift in dynamics in the labour market as a whole, with around 67% of women aged 16-64 now in work, an increase from 53% in 1971, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Seasonally adjusted statistics also showed that that around 13.4 million women were in work alongside 15.3 million men, although the proportion of those in part time work between genders varies significantly.

Leon Day, managing director of Universal Arches, said: “Both Kayleigh and Caitlin now have more proactive roles in the business and their experience and skillsets fully justify this. I would expect that more women will come to the fore in this industry given the statistics and opportunities.

“We are starting to see more women such as Clare O’Hara at the Epwin Group now also taking major roles in what has been a male dominated environment for so many years and it is a welcome change in dynamics for modern society, as it is at Universal Arches.”



Caitlin Whalley (left) and Kayleigh Pritchard of Universal Arches.

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