Fabrication investment

Panel Systems has invested in its factory in Sheffield to enhance its fabrication services.

The company has spent £100k on a new beam saw, which will be used for cutting a wide variety of sheet materials such as timber, laminates and metals, and £20k on new in-house testing facilities, which includes a Tensometer that measures the tensile properties of materials.

Chris Ibbotson, managing director at Panel Systems, said: “We now have one of the most advanced and best equipped panel manufacturing facilities in the UK. It means we can provide the most comprehensive service to customers backed up by over 40 years’ experience in panel manufacture and fabrication.”

Further investment has been made in upgrading Panel Systems’ head office building in Sheffield, with Rockpanel cladding to its facade. The panels were produced by Panel Systems in a grey colour, which was chosen as it complemented the aesthetics of other buildings in the area and gave the facade a contemporary new look.