Emplas gears up for growth

Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson

Emplas has announced ambitious growth plans including the expansion of its manufacturing facility, further enhancements to its customer support offer and new product development.

Emplas’ track record on investment speaks for itself. Millions of pounds spent on new machinery, its 2018 factory expansion and the decision to bring glass supply ‘inhouse’ with its acquisition of Padiham; to the investment it is making in its people, and customer services offer.

And 2023 and going into 2024 is going to be no different. With a £1.5m spend earmarked for the run into the end of the year, Emplas is continuing to invest in, and build on, its state-of-the-art manufacturing capability.

“As a group we remain investment-led,”said Ryan Johnson, group MD, Emplas. “We see some big opportunities ahead but recognise that if we’re going to deliver on them, we need to continue to invest in our manufacturing capability, distribution – and most importantly people – and that’s what we’re doing.

“It gives us capacity to grow and take on more customers but also to expand our offer to them with a number of new product launches planned for later this year and early next.”

The lynchpin of this strategy is Emplas’ expansion into a new unit, giving it an additional 25,000ft2 of manufacturing space. “It will do a couple of different things for us,” continues Ryan.

“It allows us to free up space in our main facility and to adjust the set-up of our existing lines so that we can gain efficiencies and increase capacity from them. Essentially doing more with what we’ve got because we can improve the flow of production.

“The new unit will also house, and allow us to bring new efficiencies to our composite door lines. It’s a growth area and we believe there are opportunities to increase our market share.

“We have a comprehensive composite door offer but we believe that there is scope to expand it furtherand increase our market share through the addition of new product lines and a complementary, higher end composite door offer.

“It’s about arming our customers with all of the products that they need to win new business.”

This is taking place on top of the investment Emplas has already made this year in its product, customer service and support offer.

This included becoming the first window and door fabricator in the UK to offer a ‘Works with Kubu’, Secure Connected Device and Secured by Design accredited – as standard – window range at the beginning of summer.

The unique offer is built around a high security window lock developed exclusively for Emplas in partnership with Avantis, and offered across its complete Optima casement window ranges.

This uses bi-directional locking and Avantis’ intelligent optimised ‘floating mushroom’technology, the system is fully tested to PAS24:2022, achieving an enhanced level of security – but also Secured by Design.

“Smart technology and Kubu is another one of those products that we believe will help our customers to win business,” Ryan continues.

“Kubu technology is accredited under the IASME IoT Cyber Scheme. This certifies that Kubu sensors, used in conjunction with the new Emplas window lock, meets cyber security standards for data security as an internet connected device, and the Secured by Design Secure Connected Device accreditation scheme.”

In addition to product development Emplas has also invested in delivery. This includes its launch of a real-time delivery tracking service, introducing an allocated two-hour delivery slot, plus a 30-minute push notification on arrival of orders by text.

“The reaction from our customers has been very positive,” says Ryan. “It gives people time back in their day to focus on other things. They know when their order is going to turn up and don’t need to wait around for it.

“It’s a reflection of our approach. We want to offer more to our customers and we believe whatever we do, whether that’s product quality or customer service, however good, it can always be improved upon.

“The additional investment that we’re making now, in our facility, machinery and product offer reflects that mentality. We want our customers to be confident in what they’re selling and we’re investing so that they will continue to have that confidence.”