Emissions compliance

Jeld-Wen has implemented Ametek Land’s flue gas analysers and opacity and dust monitors at its door manufacturing facility in Penrith to help achieve emissions compliance.

Jeld-Wen’s door manufacturing facility in Penrith produces 35,000 timber and veneered doors every week, and produces a large amount of wood waste.

Jeld-Wen was keen to reduce its waste, lower emissions and implement a more sustainable fuel source. Working with a specialist energy contractor, Jeld-Wen identified biomass boilers, using waste wood from its manufacturing operations as the most suitable fuel. However, as the site is governed by local authority legislation, the company is required to monitor and control the emissions from its boiler.

The company previously had an old gas fired boiler, which was fitted with an Ametek Land FGA 930 flue gas emissions analyser and a dust monitor. As part of the upgrade to biomass, the old boiler was decommissioned.

Two industrial biomass boilers were installed that would burn wood waste from Jeld-Wen’s production process in order to heat its factory and offices, while enabling the company to reduce its waste output significantly and lower its carbon footprint. A new steel-framed plant room was built to house the new boilers, plus a new two-storey office complex, two new flues and a new fuel delivery system, with fuel stored in an external silo, adjacent to the factory.

The large steam boilers were customised to include a specially designed moving grate combustion chamber, modified to suit dusty fuel. With a continuous self-replenishing fuel source, a large shredder was also installed at the factory to enable the reject wood and timber waste product to be chopped up and transported to the main silos for storage.

Hamish White, plant manager from Jeld-Wen in Penrith, said: “The installation of the new biomass system was an important investment for us, and we are pleased to receive support from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which provides financial payback for the use of renewable fuels such as biomass boilers, air and ground source heat pumps, and solar thermal. The Ametek Land flue gas and dust analysers and monitors complete the system by ensuring continuous emissions monitoring.”

This new system will help Jeld-Wen to improve its sustainability credentials, reducing both its particulate emissions, wood waste levels and carbon footprint. In addition, the company will benefit from lower energy and waste disposal costs as well as additional income from the RHI scheme.