Deceuninck joins the National BIM Library

More than two million products are made from Deceuninck profile every year and many of these go into public sector, commercial new build and refurbishment projects. That’s why the company has been working hard to ensure its entire product portfolio is now available for download from the National BIM library, enabling specifiers and architects instant access to the technical data of 81 Deceuninck products.

Deceuninck’s Rob McGlennon said: “BIM is changing the way that buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed during their lifetime. Implemented in 2016, primarily to save 20% on public sector construction costs, BIM should also eliminate inaccurate or ambiguous information that can ‘lost in translation’ during the procurement process.

“The collaborative approach is one where architects, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and clients are required to work from one model that integrates multiple data sources into one place.

From April 2016, all centrally procured government contracts must use BIM level 2 for specification. By joining the UK’s fastest growing technical library, our products are placed directly in front of specifiers working on Level 2 BIM projects. The NBS National BIM Library is free to use and is the only BIM object library which links directly to NBS specification software and to the NBS BIM Toolkit – an essential requirement for Level 2 BIM. All our objects are authored to meet the requirements of the internationally recognised NBS BIM Object Standard. Our library of BIM objects will be regularly updated as we continue to develop innovative new products.”

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