Customer message

Freefoam has commissioned and delivered a broad PR and digital campaign called ‘Helping Customers Grow’.

The aims of the programme are to shine a light on the roofline market and its supply chain, and to showcase all areas of our business.

Freefoam has created a range of material for print and digital channels to bring its“story to life”. From articles, to customer interviews, installer stories, and video testimonials the message has been delivered across the roofline and glazing press and target audiences across all digital and social channels.

Colin St John, commercial director, said: “We know that, although the outlook is uncertain, we are a strong and secure company able to withstand the rigours of the market. With a robust infrastructure and nearly 30 years of delivering to our customers we have a strong and consistent story to tell.

“Indeed, it’s been incredibly inspiring to hear throughout this programme our customers’ stories of success and to know that we have played an integral part in that development.”