Cleaning up at the show

Among the products on Bohle’s stand at Glassstec will be glass cleaning aid XtraClean, and the new sliding door system Cuneo.

Thanks to millions of microparticles, XtraClean is capable of removing deposits, building dirt or rust from glass, stainless steel, ceramic, tile joints and other hard surfaces. It even masters concrete splatters and oil deposits effectively or cleans dirty machines which look like new again in no time.

The effect of the cleaning particles is further enhanced by surfactants which improve the solubility of greasy stains as well as by essential oils set free during cleaning. The higher the temperature during cleaning, the more essential oils are set free and the more economical is the cleaning paste.

XtraClean contains neither chemical additives, nor acids or aggressive bleaching ingredients.

In relation to its new sliding door system, Bohle believes it should be renamed the floating door because of the effortless operation. Furthermore, mounting it is quick, intuitive and cost-effective, the company said.

A modular system seamlessly adapts to the individual installation situations and the different weight classes up to 150kg.

The running track is mounted safely to wall or ceiling with a few simple steps. Subsequently, all further door alignment settings can conveniently be reached from the front. Measuring is not even required for positioning the damping unit. The glass pane is simply fixed flush into the clamping mechanism of the carriage.

The technically sophisticated carriages and the patented all-metal dampers form the centrepiece of Cuneo and integrate into one unit,” Bohle said. “The carriages stand out due to their especially smooth run and convey the impression that the glass door is floating while opening and closing. The innovative damper slows down the sliding door softly and seamlessly in one movement. Even when moving the door more energetically, the closing mechanism is so safe that the door is reliably protected from jumping out or slamming into the end stop.”