The central role of Macclesfield

Camden Group explains its strategic decisions to stamp its mark on the trade industry across the UK and Ireland.

Supplying to trade over all of Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdom, with a 30,000 weekly capacity, we are fortunate to say we are continuously evolving at Camden Group.

Having 34 years trading experience, like any organisation, our mark in the UK market was not something we achieved overnight.

With our company site based in the north of Ireland, and all our window and door designs produced in-house, we knew that introducing Camden Group to the UK market would take strategic planning and commitment.

In the early stages, having a selection of trade clients across England, our main customer reach was within the north and Republic of Ireland. The determination that we had to conquer the UK market meant we had to implement strategic decisions and evaluate what prevented us from growing.

We discovered that distance was becoming an issue, as our customers had to purchase our products either online or via telephone. There was no face-to-face contact for our clients, and that was the one thing holding us back.

When dealing with trade, it is important to be able to build a trusting relationship and produce quality products that serve the business needs of our client. It was now time to bring Camden Group overseas with our trade centres.

With the help of Roy Harrison, Angie Miah, and Cy O’Neill, the plunge was finally made in the opening of our first trade centre in Macclesfield.

A point of contact was now created for our clients based in England, so we could have a team to focus on the needs on all trade.

The demand for PVCU products meant Camden Group expanded across the UK and Ireland resulting in the opening of 12 trade centres delivering high quality products, and facilitating the needs of our clients.

Every department adds value in making the extension to Macclesfield a success. However, our growth in the UK market is largely down to the efforts of our sales team, and the belief they had in the growth of a company that was situated in a small town in the north of Ireland.

We are now thankful to say that in 2017, Camden Group has one recycling plant, six factories, and 12 trade centres.