Bright investment

Vertik-Al has invested in more than 900 replacement lights for its production facility, warehouse and offices.

Supplied by commercial and industrial lighting specialist, Cema Lighting, the lights are having a positive impact on the working environment, staff wellbeing and quality control, the company said.

Vertik-Al has reduced its energy consumption by over 50% on traditional lighting and cut carbon emissions by almost 420kg.Anything that had a standard light bulb has been replaced with a LED, including fire exit signage.

A combination of linear batten, circular highbay and floodlights have been installed throughout the factory, while traditional ceiling tile fittings in the offices and corridors have been replaced with LED high output halo panel lights.

With a 50,000-hour life span, the halo panel lights are practically maintenancefree.They are also around 50% more efficient than traditional office lights.The LEDs have helped tackle glare and bounce off from reflective surfaces, such as computer screens.

John Park-Davies, Vertik-Al’s group marketing director, said:“The difference is incredible.I’ve had numerous comments from office staff saying they feel more energised and they didn’t appreciate the effect it would have.

“Like many commercial buildings, we have areas that are darker than others, with a limited amount of natural light.Alongside staff wellbeing, adequate lighting is vital for quality control, allowing us to spot imperfections easier.This is an important investment for both our employees and customers.”