Back in business in the UK

Well-known industry figure Gary Dean has been announced as the CEO and co-owner of balustrade, railing and glass hardware company OnLevel, and aims to establish and grow the UK market.

Gary has spent the last eight years working extensively in the USA and continental European markets developing international subsidiaries for global glass hardware brands.

“I turned 50 in October and that was an important time for me to reflect on what I want to do with the next 20 years or so in this great industry,” Gary said. “What was clear, with both my home and roots in the UK, is that doing something new and innovative in the UK market made the most sense.”

OnLevel already has warehouse and sales facilities in Germany and Holland, and sales partners in France, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand and the USA.

“This new fully stocked location in Manchester will serve our partners and dealers better with improved lead times and significantly reduced transport costs while providing local technical and marketing support and on-demand training facilities,” Gary said.

OnLevel develops new solutions for glass railings, focusing on ease of use and speed of installation.

“We are always approaching our designs with a clean sheet of paper and from the user and customer’s perspective. The only voice which matters is the voice of the customer after all.”