Association of associations

Quality Assured National Warranties (QANW) has partnered with the government-supported Trade Association Forum (TAF).

TAF encourages best practice among trade associations and membership bodies in the UK and promotes the effectiveness of trade organisations to government and industry. The board includes representatives from trade associations across a variety of sectors as well as the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (Beis).

Gemma Swankie at QANW said: “TAF is the association of associations. It promotes best practice across many sectors, including the home improvement and construction industries.

“As part of our commitment to protecting homeowners’ investments in their properties, we champion best practice installers, which makes this partnership a perfect fit for QANW.”

QANW will support TAF’s two main events over the next year: Trade Association Week and the TAF Best Practice Awards 2021. Other TAF partners include the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (Ukas) and Quest Business Services.

Linda Cavender, CEO at TAF, said: “QANW puts consumer protection at the heart of their business with their insurance-backed guarantees and deposit protection insurance services, which fit well with our own best practice ethos. TAF is, therefore, proud to partner QANW as one of the largest insurance guarantee providers in the UK, and we very much look forward to developing our partnership further by ensuring our members have access to QANW’s expertise.”