All timber fire doors passed MHCLG tests

All timber fire doors that underwent fire-resistance testing by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) were found to have met required standards, exceeding the minimum 30-minute burn time requirement, with one door resisting flames for 59 minutes when opening away from the furnace.

An expert panel had concluded that was not a performance concern with timber fire doors across industry, where they are purchased directly from the manufacturer and produced to specification.

Kevin Underwood, technical director for the British Woodworking Federation, said: “We know through carrying out our own survey that doors produced by members of the BWF Fire Door Alliance have all performed beyond the minimum standards required in these tests.

“We would actively encourage those responsible for the fire safety of buildings to review the test and certification documents that support the performance of their fire doors to ensure people’s lives are not put at risk.”

BWF has also written to all councils in England and Wales to say that the process of replacing faulty fire doors is taking too long.

“We are very concerned that the mistakes that led to inadequate fire doors being installed in Grenfell Tower and elsewhere will persist unless decisive action is taken,” the letter said.

“To suggest that quality, compliant fire doors are not available and ready for installation is simply untrue and must stop being used as an excuse for delaying replacement.”