A need to make a difference

Building Our Skills is ‘overwhelmed’ with the response shown to the latest Inspiring the Future campaign.

“When we launched the campaign, we wanted to create more awareness to others working in fenestration and recruit their support by joining in to attract new and young people to our industry,” organisation head Stephanie Tague said. “I never expected we would gain such momentum after such a short time, but it is fabulous to see the response we are getting.

“I think after the events of the last 12 months, companies are really starting to feel the pinch not being able to recruit new staff easily, especially when it comes to hiring manufacturing and installation workers. These areas were primarily the reason BOS was established two and half years ago. With the absence of new talent coming into our industry the skills gap is set to climb and increase further.

Stephanie said the ‘I commit’ hashtag (#ICommit) is creating a buzz on the social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“We have recruited the support of our existing company supporters to take part and each one is telling us how or why they are committing to help increase awareness through to young people,” she said.

“Everyone of us can make a real difference, one way or another. Whether it by pledging to talk to young people via our ‘Inspiring The Future’ education scheme or encouraging others to get involved in supporting Building Our Skills and its long-term aims of attracting new and young people to our industry, it all contributes towards creating a solution to resolve the overall skills gap issue.

“I implore everyone and anyone, no matter what your position is in your business to get in touch and see how you can help make a difference.”