75 extra colours a week

RegaLead has reported that 75 new colours are being matched for customers every week at its Manchester based Colour Laboratory. These are added to the bank of 12,000 colour recipes, which keeps growing.

Joint MD, Guy Hubble said: “We’re unique in two ways when it comes to paint: firstly, we’re industry specialists rather than a generic paint manufacturer; and secondly, we design, manufacture, formulate and colour match our own paint.

“As well as investing in our paint manufacturing division, our Colour Laboratory launched last year is the most advanced, specialist painting lab for the UK’s glass and fenestration markets.”

With an investment approaching £100,000, the laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and equipment including a DataColour Spectro-Photometer, Gloss meters, mini spray booth, daylight viewing cabinets and drying ovens for ceramic.

The laboratory is headed up by Bartosz Machyna who joined from a similar role in the litho printing industry in Poland.