What’s likely to trend in 2022?

OnLevel explains how construction trends for 2022 will focus on comfort and aspirational living. Renovations to properties will see new building trends juxtaposed with timeless design.

With a renewed appetite for home décor, inspired by the pandemic, homeowners are now more discerning about how they furnish their homes and the layout of their living space.

OnLevel supplies and installs glass balustrades, Juliet balconies, partition walls and glass hardware. We have seen building trends increasingly incorporate glass, both for interior design and external design.

After the bold patterns, bright colours and statement pieces of 2021, minimalism is back. When we think of minimalism, we immediately envisage interior design that is bright with clean lines and a contemporary scheme. Incorporating glass into a space creates the minimalist, stylish design that is very much on-trend. Examples of glass trends that complement minimalist design are glass staircases, balustrades and partitioning.

Curved shapes and lines soften the feel of a room. Whereas previously it may have been just the furniture and fittings that created the curved shapes, more recently there has been a move towards structural shaping.

A curved glass balustrade on the landing is one way to create structural curved shaping, with curved glass or staggered curving using straight glass. Curved structures induce a sense of calm and comfort.

Modern homes are built to be light and airy. In most renovations of older properties, there is a focus on light which is often achieved through an open-plan layout. Another opportunity for bringing light into a home is by using glass, particularly in smaller homes where it can open up dark spaces.

Again, glass balustrades are ideal here in place of traditional wooden fixtures, and a glass staircase will open up a hallway or open-plan room to light from upstairs.

A continuing building trend is the use of balconies in homes, particularly Juliet balconies. With an exterior protective glass balustrade, the Juliet balcony is ideal for apartments. It is unlikely that a Juliet balcony will require planning permission.

While you can’t sit on your Juliet balcony, it does allow for letting in fresh air and peering out onto the outside world. It brings extra light into the room and is a popular, contemporary design feature.

Glass partition walls are both functional and a design favourite that will no doubt continue into 2022. A glass partition wall can segregate areas in a home without the need for structural change. It provides the opportunity for solitude while still being able to see what is going on in other rooms, which is ideal for large families.

Made with specialist materials and safety glass to make it safe, glass partition systems should not be feared if there are small children in the house. They’re a great solution for creating defined areas in a home without losing any light.

Construction trends are now very much aligned with sustainability. Building projects including renovations are under pressure to be more sustainable, with every element under the spotlight: materials, transport, machinery, and durability.

Glass is a sustainable material. It is recyclable and made from natural, raw materials. This has been a contributory factor in the increase in glass trends and the use of glass hardware in recent years.