Urgent action needed to make homes accessible

By Ian Searle, director of MI Products.

Despite the Equality and Human Rights Commission inquiry (EMHRC) in 2018, which reported that 365,000 disabled people say their home is not suitable for their needs, not enough is being done to deal with accessibility issue in UK homes.

With a third of a million people needing urgent action for their properties to become more accessible, and Part M requiring all new builds to be accessible, the industry has more opportunities to fit suitable entrance and double doors.

Doors are such a big part of accessibility for homes, and to help combat this, Building Regulations Approved Document Part M offers guidance on new builds, stating that new dwellings need to be more accessible and adapted should they need to be.

Don’t just think of entrance doors for accessibility, wider doors such as bifold and patio doors require larger accesses and low thresholds too, helping people with limited mobility move in and out of their properties.

Low, compact and seamless thresholds are vital for ease of wheelchair access and for those with limited mobility.

We have invested in our new FX15, the genuine Document Q (ADQ), Part M low threshold to meet Part M of Building Regulations and the Lifetime Homes standard requiring accessible doors to contain a threshold with a total height no more than 15mm to tackle this issue head on.

We believe that the industry can and should do more to help people with limited mobility to use their homes better.