There is no catch

Jason Scrivens
Jason Scrivens

Five-day lead times. Premium hardware. Exceptional quality. With ‘sleeping giant’ fabricator Swift Frame, sales director Jason Scrivens argues, there are no downsides.

When you travel the country talking to potential customers about Swift Frame, there’s one question you get asked more than any other: what’s the catch?

For 30 years, Swift Frame has offered outstanding quality products, competitive pricing and lead times of just five days – something that’s never wavered, even through the huge economic disruptions we’ve seen since 2022.

But it’s only natural that installers want to know whether we’re the real deal. We get it – it sounds too good to be true.

But to understand how we’re able to offer that – great products, consistently excellent quality, quick and reliable lead times and more – you have to understand what makes Swift Frame different as a business.

A world-class manufacturer

In 2023, Swift Frame celebrates its 30th anniversary. And since the very beginning, the company has been doing things differently.

These days, there’s a lot of talk in our industry about automation. In fact, you often see it written about as if it’s something exciting and new. But Swift Frame has been doing it – extremely successfully – for the best part of 30 years.

The company was the first British fabricator to embrace large-scale automation – and to this day, one of the only ones to have done so.

We’re a world-class manufacturer, operating six Schirmer cutting and machining centres among an array of other cutting-edge kit.

Today, Swift Frame is able to manufacture over 1,000 frames a week with just 40 members of factory staff – that in of itself means our overheads are much lower than those of a company making similar volumes the manual way.

In turn, that means our prices are lower than many of our competitors.

However, some still aren’t convinced. They accept that our windows are of exceptional quality. Automation removes potential for human error, and delivers some of the most impressive products I’ve seen in over 40 years in the industry.

In fact, our corner welds are so tight they almost look like they’ve been Graf welded – that’s how precise our machinery is.

But some potential customers think, to achieve that level of quality at such a competitive price, we must cut corners in other respects.

Surely you must skimp when it comes to hardware and other components, they say. But they’re wrong.

We don’t buy in cheap handles and hinges from abroad. We use some of the most prestigious hardware brands in the world, including Nico, Yale and Greentec.

The secret systems company

Another crucial way we’re able to control our costs and offer consistent quality is by extruding our own profile.

For over a decade, as well as one of Britain’s most innovative fabricators, Swift Frame has essentially been its own systems company too.

We manufacture and buy in a number of fantastic products from industry-leading suppliers like Solidor, Optima, Spectus and Veka.

But we also extrude thousands of metres of our own profile, in chamfered or sculptured configurations, every year.

It’s this in-house extrusion capacity that meant we could continue offering great quality, great prices and short, reliable lead times while many other fabricators floundered during the worst phase of the pandemic.

Put simply – with Swift Frame, there is no catch.

We’re a world-class manufacturer, extruding our own profile, making outstanding quality windows and doors, fitting them with premium hardware, and supplying them in just five days to dozens of major installers around the country.

If you want to benefit from the fantastic service Swift Frame are able to provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch.