The evolution of a door

Vista first started fabricating composite doors in 2003 and, in 2014, the company launched its XtremeDoor brand. Since then, Vista has refined and improved XtremeDoor to meet market demands. Keith Sadler, managing director of Vista, takes a look at some of the key product upgrades over the last three years.

Upgrading our composite door slab to one with a 4mm GRP outer-skin is one of Vista’s most notable recent developments. The outer-skin is twice as thick as their previous offering and is Document Q and PAS24:2016 approved, meaning it passes the stringent cut-through test, which requires the door to survive a three-minute sustained attack using two chisels (a 6mm and a 25mm) and a Stanley knife, with ease.

Thermal efficiency has always been one of the key selling points of XtremeDoor. It features a warm foam core, meaning it offers significantly better U-values than traditional timber doors, PVC-skinned timber doors and steel doors.

Aesthetically it also really stands out from the crowd: XtremeDoor is available in a huge array of styles suited for both traditional and contemporary properties, giving our trade customers the ability to target different sections of the market.

One of Vista’s most powerful marketing images shows a member of the specialist Manchester Police squad trying and failing to break into an XtremeDoor. The security performance of XtremeDoor has been enhanced by an all-new multi-point lock designed to repel even the most persistent intruders.

The lock has five hook,s and this pulls the slab tighter into the frame, offering not only better security, but a better weather seal too. XtremeDoor’s pascal rating went from 800 using our previous lock to 1,200 with the lock from Ingenious. A pascal is a unit of pressure, equal to one newton per square metre (N/m2) and, to put this figure into perspective, 670 pascals equates to a hurricane (which is a wind speed of 75mph).

With consumer tastes becoming ever more adventurous, in 2014 Vista took the decision to invest in a paint line, allowing us to spray XtremeDoor in any RAL colour. Bespoke coloured doors are proving so popular we will be investing in an additional paint line later in the year, doubling our capacity. We also offer nine standard colours and eight premium colours, so our customers have plenty of options to sell.

Pitting hardware is a major issue with zinc, which is why we have opted for stainless steel across our range. Our stainless-steel hardware comes complete with a 25-year guarantee, which is fairly unique in the marketplace, and the urn knocker has been salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours, making it perfect for coastal locations.

Vista has continued to expand its glass options over the years and can offer hundreds of different designs, and we typically add to our range every 12 months.

Since its launch in 2014, XtremeDoor has always featured the same triple sealed outerframe, designed and extruded by Vista’s parent company, Eurocell.

Ultimately, the reason we called the product XtremeDoor is because it provides extreme levels of performance across the board. We constantly review our offering and will make improvements whenever we spot an opportunity, ensuring XtremeDoor stays at the very forefront of the market.

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