Strength is an advantage

Gerald Allen, marketing manager at Epwin Window Systems, explains the company’s manufacturing capabilities.

Fabricators need to a choice of products from their systems supplier that will enable them to compete at all levels. At the same time, they need to have confidence they are working with a business that understands the importance of investment in order to deliver continuous improvement.

It’s something that Epwin Window Systems understands and it’s what makes us such a reliable choice for any fabricator.

Each of our systems brands – Profile 22, Spectus and Swish – offers fabricators a suite of products that gives them what they need to maximise the opportunities across all market sectors. The product range also includes a portfolio of feature-rich products including the Spectus mechanically jointed vertical slider and Optima flush casement window.

Every one of our products is manufactured in the UK and we invest heavily behind the scenes to ensure our extrusion plant remains at the level you would expect from an industry leader. It isn’t something we always shout about, but our investment quietly makes a huge difference and ensures we remain at the forefront of industry technology and innovation.

For example, since 2014 we have invested a significant sum in our Telford facilities. We were the first UK systems house to invest in the latest extrusion technology in the form of six new Greiner Red Cal/Red Com lines. Alongside a new water filtration plant, the investment has helped give our customers an edge in an increasingly demanding market.

We also invest to help our customers keep up-to-date with current trends. For example, we recognised that colour was about to enter the mainstream. We wanted our customers to be at the forefront of this shift by being able to offer colour on a shorter lead time than their rivals. We therefore increased capacity in our foil finishing facility by 25%. We now have eight lines including two double-sided foiling machines operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also have space for 1,500 tonnes of stock at any time. The investment means we’re able to offer the most popular colours from stock so there is no barrier to purchase, a development our customers have been able to capitalise on.

Alongside all this investment we also keep a watchful eye on the environment because we take our responsibilities very seriously and we know our customers do too. Epwin Window Systems was one of the first businesses to achieve the VinylPlus Product Label, a labelling scheme that makes it easy for customers and markets to identify the most sustainable and high-performance PVC products. We are also certified to BRE standard BES 6001 that ensures the responsible sourcing of construction products. In 2017 we won the Sustainable Business Award from Business Environmental Support Scheme Telford (BESST) for Carbon and Energy Management.

The investment we make in our manufacturing capabilities and the commitments we make to the environment gives us an incredible strength. It’s a strength we use to provide the level of quality and reliability that today’s fabricators need. The result is that many fabricators stay with us year after year and many more choose to switch when they see how much we have to offer.