Stating the obvious

Fiona Lund
Fiona Lund

Marketing methods are ever evolving and, Brouha Marketing is often asked about the latest developments and how effective they might be. But it’s never just about one thing. Here, MD Fiona Lund, gives Glass Times readers an insight into the fundamentals of a great marketing mix. 

Scrolling through LinkedIn recently, I found myself reading an article titled ‘hints and tips for new ways of marketing your business in 2024’ and it was a bit of an eye opener!

Not because I was learning new ideas, but rather that some of the ‘new’ ways seemed rather old hat considering how we do things at Brouha.

One of the suggestions was that, instead of looking at your sales and marketing teams as two separate entities, you imagined a ‘smarketing’ team where the two teams worked alongside each other to pull together to achieve the common goals.

This felt somewhat stating the obvious, which then had me pondering about how much of what we do, we just do without consideration but to others might seem like a bright idea.

Not unlike any other professional discipline, marketing methods continue to evolve and develop with the most recent of these being the rise of applications such as ChatCBT and other AI technologies.  But as well as embracing the new stuff, the more traditional methods still carry a lot of weight. An effective marketing mix has to be just that, a mix.

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy.

But what is the right marketing mix and how does it differ from that of years gone by? Of course, it depends on the individual company, but the most important element of any marketing campaign is the overriding strategy that ties all the elements of a programme together to hit your commercial objectives.

This may sound obvious but there are many companies who view PR and marketing as an add on, a nice to have, or something to pull out of their armoury when they have a particular story to tell. But this isn’t how to get the most from your marketing.

Good quality, value for money marketing starts with a clear strategy that is filtered into every aspect of a communications programme, whether implemented through direct mail, PR, advertising or on social media.

As a marketing communications agency we have seen the trends in the window industry shift more towards direct marketing – particularly online for a more cost effective and direct route to market, but the proactive companies that are able to push their message using a mix of methods are the ones really reaping the rewards.

There’s been an upward trend in companies reverting to sending stand out marketing material in the post, for better results. Direct mail is an important part of the mix, particularly for those looking for direct sales leads. However, PR and advertising in our trade media continues to be essential for building your reputation among existing and potential customers to future proof your business.

Back to basics

If you’ve never embarked on a marketing campaign before it can seem daunting, but even if you’re an old hat in the marketing arena, getting the right mix of tools, messages and mediums right for your company in these changing times is a new challenge.

Which brings us back to an overriding strategy being the single, most important element of any campaign. Whether ongoing social media messages, press releases, adverts or a co-ordinated direct mail campaign, it’s essential to know why you are doing what you’re doing, who you are talking to and what you want to achieve. It may seem like I’m stating the obvious, but often a back to basics approach is the most effective way to build your marketing mix.

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