Smart approach to productivity

As technology continues to improve, a manufacturer’s quest for an increasingly connected business grows every day. That being said, it is important to know the difference between being smart and implementing unnecessary systems to appear cutting-edge.

We, at Origin, base all decisions on what is going to help streamline our processes and make our partners experience in dealing with us easier and more simplified.

Towards the end of 2016, we introduced our own online quoting and ordering system, Origin Sale Safe (OSS), which was designed and developed in-house to streamline the ordering process and make it smarter for our partners. Since its implementation, we have experienced an exponential increase in orders, the average time spent by partners placing orders has reduced dramatically, and projects are being completed faster and more precisely than ever.

By simplifying the ordering process, our partners are saving time on admin and turning orders around in record time, leading to improved productivity and sales. In fact, when using OSS, Origin partners have been known to quote and order an entire project in less than five minutes.

By connecting our partners’ orders directly to the Origin factory floor, we have removed any chance of human error and sped up the ordering process even further. This has also led to an increase in partner satisfaction and engagement, resulting in greater productivity and partner recommendations.

Sales of the Origin Bi-fold Door increased by 18% in six months after the implementation of OSS. This trend continues as you look at the entire Origin Home Range, with the Origin Window and the Origin Residential Door increasing by 88% and 122% respectively over the same period.

As always, we are striving to better the gold standard of service that we offer our partners. OSS has helped us revolutionise the ordering and quoting process, but we still see this as being a project in its infancy. Our plan for OSS is to be much more than a technology that helps partners order faster and more accurately. We foresee it having an in-depth dashboard where partners can view all activity in one place, from quoting and ordering through to production, deliveries and payments.

Our goal is to have most of the manual processes digitised and automated within the next five years, connecting the customer and Origin even further.