Sleek slim sliding

After the bifold boom, it’s wide-span patio doors that are on the rise, according to Fenster MD Tony Drake.

Years ago, we began to see the emergence of a number of aluminium sliding door products. I was intrigued, so took it upon myself to study them in detail. Broadly, I was very impressed with what I saw. But the products were extremely expensive on the whole, and still had aspects I thought could be significantly improved on.

It was then I decided that we needed to be able to manufacture and offer our own ultra-slim sliding door system that ironed out the flaws of the other products I’d seen. Not long after this, I studied for an MSc in facade engineering at Bath University, during which time I gained valuable knowledge that helped me understand and develop the product that would become Üni_Slide. With this new-found knowledge, and a lot of help from my colleagues, we were able to offer an entirely new product.

Üni_Slide is a premium-quality sliding door system, designed to balance minimalistic aesthetics with exceptional all-around performance – while still coming in significantly less expensive than similar products on the market.

It’s capable of achieving impressive dimensions, having passed a security weather test of 1,600Pa, which includes a 2,400Pa safety test on a door sash 3m tall and 2.2m wide, and doors can be assembled in an unlimited run of units. The results are stunning, particularly since the system also delivers sightlines as slim as 20mm.

Like all the best sliding door products, Üni_Slide offers all the benefits that made bifolds so popular, without some of the drawbacks.

Its visually cleaner, maximising see-through space with its ultra-slim frames, and takes up much less space when fully open, making it a perfect choice for restricted areas like balconies.

With Üni_Slide, you have a product that’s easy to use, that delivers exceptional security with its euro cylinder lock and multi-point stainless steel security cams, that’s incredibly thermally efficient, and can take whatever the elements throw at it. And visually, it’s stunning – once installed, Üni_Slide genuinely makes it look as though there’s no door there at all, just a clear opening from the inside to the outside of the property.

Üni_Slide is a fantastic way for installers to differentiate their offer, and make in-roads to the high end of the market. But that doesn’t mean it’s unaffordable – Üni_Slide comes much more competitively priced than similar products on the market, while delivering equal or better looks, design and performance.

Fenster is always on the look-out for new Üni_Slide trade partners. We want to hear from businesses that appreciate excellent design, care about quality, and offer exceptional standards of customer service.