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Craig Miller, managing Director at AluFoldDirect, talks about why Everything Aluminium is the way forward for installers looking for profitable business growth.

Fast lead times, straightforward fitting, finishing a job quickly and getting paid. These are the priorities for installation companies. The more jobs they can fit in every week, the more money they can make. But it’s only possible when they have a dedicated supplier that they can rely on to deliver right first time, every time.

In days gone by, this fast service and easy time on site was reserved for PVCU window and doors only. These were the products that installers were used to fitting and fast delivery on white PVCU made it even more convenient. Now it’s a different story.

White PVCU isn’t what homeowners want for their home refurbishments, renovations and self-build projects. Influenced by home design programs and magazines, they want modern colours, slimmer frames and glazing that brings more natural light into living spaces. And just like that, the domestic aluminium glazing market erupted in spectacular fashion.

The issue for installers was that fitting aluminium windows and doors was very different to PVCU. Especially when you consider fitting wide-span bifolding and sliding doors with huge, heavy panes of glass.

Without proper direction and training, taking the leap from PVCU to aluminium jobs could prove problematic, and fixing any errors could be costly and eat into profits. Having been at the receiving end of bad service on aluminium bifolding doors, we knew there must be another way to help installers profit from this market.

That’s why we do things differently at AluFoldDirect.

We’ve built a service that supports installers when they take the step from installing PVCU windows and doors to installing more profitable aluminium glazing. Everything Aluminium is delivered in one week unglazed, two weeks glazed, direct to site in an unmarked van. Everything is delivered on time, right first time, every time.

This gives installers the chance to eradicate the chance of any mis-measures and mis-fits that can come with ordering from plans. Instead, the aperture can be built and the hole can be measured and ordered from real measurements.

By delivering this certain, reliable supply to installers, they have the confidence to say ‘yes’ to more profitable aluminium projects, big or small.

On top of right first time, fast delivery on the Everything Aluminium range, a series of innovations deliver the extra support that installers need to become professional installers of aluminium, fitting Everything Aluminium, right first time, every time.

The AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Installer Academy offers free hands-on training for customers, completely personalised to what they need. Run by in-house aluminium installation expert, Paul, customers can choose to get full training on the Everything Aluminium range, get a refresher course for experienced installers, or train to become an Infinium Glazing Accredited Installer.

For larger jobs, such as domestic developments and commercial projects, there’s Aluminium Glazing Projects. It’s a free project management support service that helps installers win and complete larger jobs, giving everyone involved, including architects and contractors, one single, expert contact for the aluminium glazing.

As the PVCU market has matured, more and more installers have been looking at other products to achieve profitable growth and aluminium is the way forward.

Making the change from PVCU to aluminium with AluFoldDirect means that installers have the confidence to deliver Everything Aluminium right from the start. Having that confidence means that you can take advantage of every opportunity, grow your business and increase your profits.

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