People in pictures

By Adrian Toon, Director of a2n.

Last month we looked at the portrait picture and offered a few suggestions of how to get the best shot. I’d like to continue this look into people in pictures, as it is the most interesting aspect for many people reading a trade magazine.

Of course, we read the trade press to learn about new products and services, but we also look at the trade press too see who the ‘movers and shakers’ are in the industry. What we look at first when we see people pictures is, their faces. It is crucial then that we see a face that is offering a ‘happy to be in this picture look’.

Preparation is key to taking any good image, so before you get the people you are taking together, choose the location, check that you can get far enough back in that location to get the people in you wish to take. Try to open up the aperture of your lens if you can so that you can focus on your subjects and blur the background slightly. Snap some test pictures to ensure the background is OK and that your exposure is looking good, check the main light source for being in front of the subjects.

By doing this you are beginning to build the picture before even taking it.

Crucially, the key to becoming good at people pictures is carefully planning and critiquing you own pictures. As you often only get a short time to get the best shot, preparation is key.